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Friendster gone astray

After being bought by Malaysian’s firm, Friendster slowly shifting from social networking site to a social entertainment site which will focus on gaming and music.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. All you need to do is google “Friendster” and its there right in front of your eyes:
Friendster shown Google results page

For all of you Friendster loyal members out there, starting May 31st 2011 (1 week from now) Friendster will be fully transformed. That means all your cute little photos, testimonials, profiles, comments, blogs etc will be gone for good. You can either stick to playing games all your life in Friendster and just forget about your friends or move out to the REAL social networking sites (it’s about time :P).

For most of us, Friendster is our first little playground of social network. We have so many fond memories there. It just hard to let go. Well, good news for you, Friendster gave us the option to backup all your precious data but you have to be quick the transfer tool available until May 31st only. So DO IT NOW! Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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